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HAI Workshops continue in Germany

Although HAI UK is not currently planning UK workshops, there are HAI workshops in Germany. Two useful links are:

  1. Brief description of HAI Germany on HAI Global website;
  2. German HAI website, translated into English

These bilingual workshops are in English with translation into German.

The workshops are at Seminarhof,  Schöppingen which is between Munster and the Dutch border, 400 miles from London.  Compared to the cost of UK workshops, they are very good value.

Please email Mikki at or register via their website.

A Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Residential Weekend workshop

During the weekend you can expect to gently move through the layers of pretence, negative beliefs, fears and protective behaviours that prevent you receiving and giving love. You experience love, trust and relationship in ways you may not think possible.

Through learning new information, voluntarily participating in exercises, and sharing experiences,  you will:

  • Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are;
  • Let go fears and shame that block love and intimacy;
  • Practice speaking and listening from your heart;
  • Accept and love your body, as it is today;
  • Change habits and patterns that no longer serve you
  • Feel supported by a loving community;
  • Take risks, have fun, change your life:
    • All in a room filled with love and support.

You can uncover, and enhance your passion for living, natural appreciation and acceptance of yourself and others.

For more information about this weekend please read our FAQ.

What some workshop participants said:

“Wonderful, awesome, other worldly. I don't have words to thank everyone who blessed me with this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't get over the unbelievable caring, love and inspiration the facilitators showed me and all the others all weekend.”

“The most liberating workshop I have ever attended. My life is expanding at an amazing speed and I feel totally at choice and free. I actually feel more intimate with people on an everyday level and I understand my sexuality much more.”

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Information on events will be available on our Group Spaces platform, accessible for those who have already completed a HAI workshop, anywhere in the world.

Community Events

We organise occasional community events.

We don't take photographs at workshops. No-one takes photographs at our community events, either.  So, we don't have photographs of our weekend workshops to show you.

Here are some carefully staged photos, that the people, who have participated in our workshops, allowed us to share:

Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are;
Discover you are beautiful and lovable just as you are