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About us
The Human Awareness Institute in the UK

About The Human Awareness Institute

Dr. Stan Dale, Doctor of Human Sexuality, founded HAI in 1968. HAI offers workshops focused on intimate relationships & human sexuality.

Over 75,000 people have experienced HAI workshops.

How we enhance your life

What matters most in your life? Most people answer their relationships, i.e

  • Interactions with family, friends and lovers;
  • Even how you treat yourself!

Good communication is the key to better relationships. We believe good communication doesn't just happen. It is a skill that you can learn.

The Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops provide a safe, supportive environment to:

  • Learn intimate communication;
  • Improve your relationships.

HAI's Facilitators are uniquely skilled. They enable you to enhance your relationships in ways you may not currently imagine.


HAI Facilitators

A male and female facilitator lead our UK workshops. They are all from HAI Global, in California.

Here are a few words about each of them

Felicia Williams Cosey PhD

Felicia is an insightful counselor, business consultant, and life-work coach. She has over twenty five years experience helping people develop strong, supportive, and lovingly effective relationships.

She guides individuals to find, build and live their unique lifework dream. She helps couples gain skills to fuel their love while resolving issues.

She loves assisting people in their personal growth, especially involving e.g.:

  • Life transitions,
  • Relationship challenges,
  • Career change,
  • Overcoming childhood traumas,
  • Developing self-love
  • Personal power.

As a consultant, Felicia specialises in Organizational Change Management. She aids business organizations develop people-systems that match their long-term strategic goals.


Peter Rengel MA

Peter  is a “Heart Meditation” Teacher and a Spiritual Counselor. He specializes in assisting individuals and couples experience more love in their lives. People transcend psychology, awaken their love, and live in harmony with Life’s spiritual rhythm.

Peter authored three heart-opening books:

  • Seeds of Light,
  • Living Life in Love,
  • My 11 Enlightening Days with Sri Mooji.

He leads his own meditation retreats, workshops, and classes:

  • “Spiritual Awakening,”
  • “Yes!” ,
  • ”Living Life in Love,”
  • “Opening to Intimacy”
    • A class for couple taught with his wife, Donna, who he has been with since 1985.

Peter began facilitating the Love, Intimacy & Sexuality workshops at the Human Awareness Institute in 1989. His greatest spiritual teacher has been his son, Kavi. Learn more about Peter Rengel and his offerings on his website.

pecializes in assisting individuals and couples to transcend psychology in order to awaken their Love and to live in harmony with Life's spiritual rhythm.
Peter Rengel

Anne Watts

Anne is a certified hypnotherapist, an educator and counselor in:

  • Human sexuality,
  • Sexual abuse,
  • Family stress,
  • Self-esteem, and
  • Healing the inner child.

Anne creates a safe, nonjudgmental environment. Here participants experience being seen, heard and validated. She reads between the lines and hones in on the heart of the matter. Her depth of compassion and insight has helped many find their own path.

Anne has facilitated Love, Intimacy & Sexuality Workshops for HAI since 1985. Her experience encompasses hundreds of workshops across the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and England.  She also leads workshops on healing the inner child, financial intimacy/freedom, and the art of aging.

Her successful counseling practice is in Petaluma, CA where she lives in a deeply loving relationship with her husband, Mark Kupke.


An insightful, compassionate and sensitive counselor/facilitator.
Ann Watts

Sarah Sandhill

Sarah is a lover of all people. She is a deeply kind, authentic, and revealing facilitator, having led HAI workshops since 1995.

Sarah creates the safety for men and women to thrive in areas of love, emotional intimacy, spirituality and sexuality.  She is very open about her life and her history. Hence people to feel at ease and supported by her. She is a powerful leader, with a lovely sense of humor.

Sarah trained at the Process Therapy Institute. The quote she aspires to live by is, “I refuse to tiptoe carefully through life only to arrive safely at my grave.” Her passion is working with women to shed their shame around sexuality and blossom into their sexual aliveness. She currently also leads a women’s workshop called All About Sex for Women.

She has three children and 5 grandchildren and a magnificent relationship with her husband Peter. She has also been a successful entrepreneur and small business owner.

A powerful workshop leader who helps people to develop a deep sense of self-love and real happiness
Sarah Sandhill

Jason Weston

Jason has been a part of the Human Awareness Institute community for nearly 40 years. A deeply heartfelt workshop facilitator, Jason assists individuals and couples create, for themselves,  the lives they really want. He guides them to see and express their own beauty, power and love.

He is passionate about creating a world in which all people have their needs met, and nature is allowed to thrive.

Jason lives with his life partner, Marci Graham, in a remote area of California, abundant with wildlife and beauty. Their commitment to telling “all the truth, all the time” is a cornerstone of their relationship.

Jason trained at the Process Therapy Institute and holds a degree in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley. Jason is also the Executive Director of HAI Global. In addition, he is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer.

A deeply heartfelt workshop facilitator who loves to assist individuals and couples in creating for themselves the lives they really want
Jason Weston

Donna Spitzer Rengel

Donna brings clarity, compassion and insight to the workshops she facilitates. Her expertise in communications assists individuals and couples create healthy, loving relationships.

Donna’s background is in somatics and movement arts, as a holistic Lomi Body/Mind practitioner.

When Donna met Peter Rengel in 1985, she found the partner with whom she would happily explore love, communication and service for this lifetime. Together they became involved with the Human Awareness Institute. A few years later Donna joined her husband on staff as a facilitator of our Love, Intimacy & Sexuality workshops.

Donna is the proud mother of a grown son, Kavi. She is also a talented singer and performer with a successful career in music.

Teaches how to communicate with love and in the discovery of the richness of intimate partnership.
Donna Spitzer Rengel

Marci Graham

Marci  is uniquely and simultaneously soft and fierce in her compassion for human beings. She has a 30 year history of soul searching and personal transformation through movement, painting, writing, sculpting and bodywork.

Her fierce desire is for people to know and love themselves to awaken to their magnificence, and so love our planet back to health.

Her personal journey in Continuum Movement highlighted the power of inquiry and body knowledge as essential for personal growth. Her history gives her a doorway into understanding the need for radical truth-telling and expressing one's own boundaries and power.

In 2000, she immersed herself in HAI. She quickly incorporated HAI's mission into her deep knowledge of self. A former yoga instructor, she has co-led Nature Moving Women retreats in Mexico and Hawaii. She also creates and leads year-long intensive programs for deepening and identifying one's soul purpose.

She lives with her partner, Jason Weston, in rural California, where the beauty astonishes and invigorates her every day. Learn more about Marci at

uniquely and simultaneously soft and fierce in her compassion for human beings
Marci Graham

Rich Walkden

Rich has had a keen interest in interpersonal relationships and personal growth since early adulthood. He discovered the Human Awareness Institute in 2001.

As a facilitator, he uses his training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, personal growth coaching, and as a mental health consultant to support others in moving from disconnection to deep love and vitality.

He has facilitated workshops for men convicted of domestic violence, aiding them in learning healthy, compassionate relationship skills. Rich has also effectively coached young adults confronting issues of sexuality and gender.

Rich lives in the mountains of Vermont with his wife, Anne. They have a deep and powerful marriage, personifying and putting into action solid relationship principles and choosing love from moment to moment.

Move from disconnection to deep love and vitality.
Rich Walkden

HAI Germany

Mikki Kitz

When I experienced my first HAI workshop in the UK in 1999, I already had a long personal growth journey behind me. With all my curiosity, my lust for life, my dedication to heal and empower myself, and create the relationships that I craved, I felt I was “coming home.”

5 years later I brought HAI to Germany. Since then I have been the producer of this thriving international community. The community is based on love, respect, fun, authenticity and mutual support.

I have been enriched by these core values in all respects of my life. This include how I relate to myself, relate to those around me, and even my beloved profession as a singing teacher. I am full of joy and gratitude for the community we created here. Cheers to all who love to love. And Namaste.

HAI Workshop continue in Germany

Although HAI UK is not currently planning UK workshops, there are HAI workshops in Germany. Two useful links are:

  1. Brief description of HAI Germany on HAI Global website;
  2. German HAI website, translated into English

These bilingual workshops are in English with translation into German.

The workshops are at Seminarhof,  Schöppingen which is between Munster and the Dutch border, 400 miles from London.  Compared to the cost of UK workshops, they are very good value.

Please email Mikki at or register via their website.

We have found HAI an amazing path.
Mikki Kitz