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Beyond Connecting in Love
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Beyond Connecting in Love

'Connecting in Love' is the first in our series of Love , Intimacy and Sexuality weekends. There are 9 'Levels'  Each weekend has a theme.

Don't think you are committing to 9 levels. You could probably get everything you want  from the first, or first couple of weekends.  Most participants enjoy the weekends, and like to return for more.

Each residential weekend runs from 6pm Friday to 6pm Sunday. We hold workshops in beautiful country manor house venues in Somerset and Suffolk.

Each weekend is led by a female and male facilitator from HAI in the USA.

Note: You take Levels 1 to 5  in sequence.  You can take Levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 in any order. You are very welcome to repeat workshops.

HAI Workshop continue in Germany

Although HAI UK is not currently planning UK workshops, there are HAI workshops in Germany. Two useful links are:

  1. Brief description of HAI Germany on HAI Global website;
  2. German HAI website, translated into English

These bilingual workshops are in English with translation into German.

The workshops are at Seminarhof,  Schöppingen which is between Munster and the Dutch border, 400 miles from London.  Compared to the cost of UK workshops, they are very good value.

Please email Mikki at or register via their website.

Loving Yourself (Level 2)

Prerequisite: Connecting in Love
This workshop reinforces self love, self confidence and self worth. It's about falling in love with you and extending unconditional love to yourself as you would your best friend. You can expect to:

  • Learn clear communication skills for all relationships.
  • Experience profound healing and building safety with both men and women.
  • Become comfortable with your sexuality.
  • See beyond people's race, age, gender, or sexual orientation, into their hearts.

You'll embrace unconditional love of yourself. Others to be more open to creating relationships that truly support you.

Loving Your Choices (Level 3)

Prerequisite: Loving Yourself
This weekend lets you look at the underlying causes of your behaviors. You'll examine your programmed responses. Then you'll see that your choices are often predetermined by your past. You can expect to:

  • Learn about adapted behavior, and liberate yourself from ”group think“.
  • Recognize gender roles and free yourself from unnecessary restrictions.
  • Gain a much deeper understanding of why you do what you do.

Understanding your behavior helps you to be fully present, and so keep the responses that serve you and rid yourself of those that don't.

Exploring Spirituality and Sexuality (Level 4)

Prerequisite: Loving Your Choices
This workshop is about the interplay between sexuality and spirituality. It is about freely opening your heart and soul.  But first you accept yourself, including your sexuality,  as you are.

It's  your opportunity to reclaim your sexuality and cast sex in a new light. You can expect to:

  • Explore spirituality, spiritual history and how it affects us;
  • Accept your body and heal any shame around your sexuality;
  • Experience an opportunity to fully share your heart and be fully received.

You'll see sex as a beautiful opportunity to risk vulnerability, to share yourself, to bond, to unite with your lover.  And you'll negate cultural norms that diminish the inherent beauty of your sexual wholeness.

Exploring Surrender and Control (Level 5)

Prerequisite: Exploring Spirituality and Sexuality
This weekend allows you to explore ideas and attitudes about surrender and control.  You'll see how others define these and the roles they play in your life.

It's about knowing what you want. It's about learning to ask for it without doubt, fear or feeling you don't deserve.  You'll discover how to let others know what you need. You'll stop hoping others will read your mind and magically give you what you want. You can expect to:

  • Let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs; and
    • Discover “The Sky is Not the Limit.”
  • Practice asking for what you want, and
    • Wanting what you get;
  • Learn to see the God/Goddess in every person.

You'll recognize your thoughts determine whether any given experience leaves you feeling victimized or empowered. You'll gain tools to make the right choices for you.

Exploring Vibrant Community (Level 6)

Prerequisite: Exploring Surrender and Control
This weekend builds powerfully on the best principles from previous workshops. You'll move closer to living the vision of an unconditionally loving and peaceful global family. A family that supports The Human Awareness Institute' mission:

“To create a world where people live together in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, honesty and love; a world where everyone wins.”

You can expect to:

  • See yourself clearly through the eyes of others;
  • Discover that no one is truly alone;
  • Notice where you include people and where you don't;
  • Notice where you include yourself or not.

You'll become more aware of community, which expresses our larger selves. You'll understand, through connection and acceptance, that there is something bigger than you. This is where it all starts to come together.

Being the Source of Love (Level 7)

Prerequisite: Exploring Surrender and Control
At this weekend, the facilitators invite you to powerfully and consciously integrate lessons from previous weekends. You can aim to really own and live your life from a place of loving responsibility.

The art of truly living your life ‘in love’ comes from the ability to be love in any situation. The circumstances don't matter. You'll realise the source of love comes from within. You can expect to:

  • Let go of your programming, and:
    • See people in a new way.
  • Take responsibility for generating love, and:
    • Acknowledge you are the source of love;
  • Experience a new level of honesty, vulnerability and transparency.

You'll eliminate excuses that could make you a victim. You'll embrace your ability to create and be the source of energy and love.

Sacred Energy eXchange (Level 8)

Prerequisite: Exploring Surrender and Control
This weekend deeply explores the sacredness, beauty, power and wonder of “sacred energy exchange.”

As you get in touch with your sacred energy, you'll likely feel happier, more alert, alive, engaged, and more self-assured without having to “do” anything. There is often a feeling of being playful, connected and capable of opening your heart to everyone. You can expect to:

  • Explore the range of energies of man and woman;
  • Celebrate that we are sexual beings, and:
    • Experience giving and receiving;
  • Honour, appreciate and love one another, by:
    • Practicing to ask for what you want.

You'll discover your own “right relationship” with the sacred energy within you. This weekend empowers you to truly own your love, emotions, sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. You'll feel a deeper appreciation for the miracle of being alive in a human body.

Being Radically Intimate (Level 9)

Prerequisite: Exploring Surrender and Control
At this weekend we delve into intimacy. We explore tools and techniques to “go deep” and keep the flames of loving intimacy burning bright. And, of course, we'll continue our theme of becoming ever more comfortable in our bodies, and shedding our shame about our sexuality. You'll:

  • Practice fearless transparency;
  • Heal your deepest shame;
  • Reveal your innermost, truest self;
  • Rediscover your beauty;
  • Celebrate sexual intimacy.

Being Radically Intimate is a weekend intimacy meditation. It's a weekend of being intimate in every moment. You'll spend a weekend experiencing intimacy, not just talking about it.

Join us as we dance in and out of emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual intimacy.


We don't take photographs at workshops. No-one takes photographs at our community events, either.  So, we don't have photographs of our weekend workshops to show you.

Here are some carefully staged photos, that the people, who have participated in our workshops, allowed us to share:

Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are;
Discover you are beautiful and lovable just as you are
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