Love, intimacy & sexuality workshops

The Human Awareness Institute in the UK

The HAI Community

The UK community creates monthly support groups, community days and weekends. For many, participating in interesting and fun HAI activities is special.

This loving and supportive UK community is for everyone who completes the ‘ Connecting in Love ’ weekend. It provides a continuing connection with people who share HAI's values and communication skills.

You can also join the HAI UK Community Forum. Here people share their experiences, and their challenges. The forum enables you to remain in contact with people you know.

On the forum people also organise social events, usually at short notice. Typically people get together for a party, or to see a play, film or concert.

HAI Workshops continue in Germany

Although HAI UK is not currently planning UK workshops, there are HAI workshops in Germany. Two useful links are:

  1. Brief description of HAI Germany on HAI Global website;
  2. German HAI website, translated into English

These bilingual workshops are in English with translation into German.

The workshops are at Seminarhof,  Schöppingen which is between Munster and the Dutch border, 400 miles from London.  Compared to the cost of UK workshops, they are very good value.

Please email Mikki at or register via their website.

We don't take photographs at workshops. No-one takes photographs at our community events, either.  So, we don't have photographs of our weekend workshops to show you.

Here are some carefully staged photos, that the people, who have participated in our workshops, allowed us to share:

HAI community events still continue, and include many fun activities.
Fun at Community