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The Human Awareness Institute in the UK


Here are some links to useful websites and people who support HAI UK.

HAI USA Web Site

The main web site for the Human Awareness Institute.

HAI Germany

Information about HAI workshops run in Germany. These workshops are run in English with translation to/from German.

Stan Dale's Wisdom

Stan Dale created the Human Awareness Institute. You can listen, watch and learn from Stan here.

Making Moves

Claire Schrader's drama therapy. She creates inspiring groups/workshops for people who want to play more and express who they truly are.

Intimacy Works

Wonderful friends of HAI, Priyatama and Bob, help couples and individuals build more loving relationships.

James Lockley Photography

James is a professional photographer who has kindly given us permission to use some of his photos on this website.
James is available for commissions and can be contacted on 0796 444 9207 or

We don't take photographs at workshops. No-one takes photographs at our community events, either.  So, we don't have photographs of our weekend workshops to show you.

Here are some carefully staged photos, that the people, who have participated in our workshops, allowed us to share:

Hugging is kinda important
More hugging


"I finally understand that I can be totally intimate without having to be "sexual"; This was beyond anything I could imagine." - A.L.

My husband and I communicate more openly and more lovingly. We have identified what was missing in our relationship and we have become our own little support unit. Yum!" - L.M.

“The most liberating workshop I have ever attended. My life is expanding at an amazing speed and I feel totally at choice and free. I actually feel more intimate with people on an everyday level and I understand my sexuality much more.” - J.C.

"The workshop is so wonderful that my self-consciousness and life-long negativity actually went away somewhere and hasn't returned. I feel I really connected with people on a very basic level; a simple appreciation that we were all feeling much the same things, with similar needs." - C.R.

“I never knew I could change this much in two days. So much has begun for me on such a deep level. It's just the beginning but I can feel the growth, new confidence and insight into the better parts of myself.” - J.W.

"Although challenging at times, the rewards of what I learned are unbelievable. As a gay man I learned I can really love women and not fear sexuality. Wow!" - B.W.

“I felt like I was in the only room of sanity that there is on this planet concerning relationships. I am feeling like a lot of deep wounds are starting to be healed and a lot of shame reconciled. ” - L.C.

"I feared that my participation as a Catholic Priest may create scandal, or put me in a compromising situation. I was accepted as a priest, in fact, literally applauded. The workshop was very healing; I experienced genuine trust, affection and gratitude. It quieted many anxieties and insecurities." - T.C.

“It was an extremely profound, loving, dynamic way to experience inner growth. You are all masters and I honor you. ” - L.C.

"HAI was recommended as a growing experience but I got so much more out of it. I actually do believe that I am loveable and intimacy is OK and available to me. Also, I love the workshop site and the food is fantastic." - T.J.M.

“I would like to thank you for the most important workshop in my life and for experiences that were great fun and great pain at the same time. It was just what I needed. The only thing is that it was too short and I can't wait to come back to the next level.” - L. B.

"I had a beautiful experience over the weekend. I truly felt loved and love for others. I felt enormously supported, and cleared out the lifetime of pain and shame I have been carrying due to my father's molestation of me. I will never forget this experience." - C.E.

“I could not have imagined this weekend before it happened and I cannot believe it happened now afterward. The great calm and good sense and kindness of the facilitators and the new loving sisters I got to know makes this the most awesome experience of my life.” - J. L.

"Wonderful, awesome, otherworldly. I don’t have words to thank everyone who blessed me with this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t get over the unbelievable caring, love and inspiration the facilitators showed me and all the others all weekend." - C.H.

“I was very impressed with how each new exercise was introduced. A sacred and loving space was created in which to work. This is a dream workshop.” - M.Y.

"To put it as succinctly as possible…it just works!" - B.D.

Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are;
Discover you are beautiful and lovable just as you are