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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions about HAI
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Frequently Asked Questions about HAI

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How do I know if the ’Connecting in Love‘ weekend is for me?

During the weekend we explore love, intimacy, and sexuality which supports your personal growth.

The weekend is open to everyone who wants to improve their relationship with themselves and others, e.g.:

  • Couples,
  • Singles,
  • People of every:
    • Gender identification,
    • Sexual orientation,
  • Aged over 18.

Participants range in age from 18 to their 70s. Nevertheless, the majority of participants are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

How will my relationships with others improve?

This weekend enhances your ability to communicate in every area of your life. This includes your relationship with yourself so you discover and communicate what you really want.

The facilitators will share tools that help you heal past hurtful relationships. What's more you'll learn to more fully trust yourself and others.

This helps you find love, including self-love, and keep the love you find.

What is the format of the weekend workshop?

The weekend is more experiential than instructional. The facilitators invite you to participate in a series of guided exercises.

HAI designed these exercises to provide slightly unfamiliar situations for you. Perhaps you can then identify behaviours or beliefs that hinder or help you create more love in your life.

Learning from your own experience is far more effective than listening to a lecture. As you focus how you are with people in your life, you can expand your awareness and take new actions. The focus is on who you are rather than what you do.

The exercises are interspersed with sharing, tea breaks and meal breaks.

What is sharing?

Sharing is when you talk and reveal what you are thinking and feeling to others. During the weekend participants could, if they choose,  share with:

  • Individuals,
  • Small groups of 4/5,
  • The entire group and the facilitators.

Must I reveal my personal secrets when sharing?

Of course not. The weekend is about choice. You choose how much you reveal during a share.

Note, everyone in the group agrees to keep confidential:

  • Everyone else's shares,
  • The exercises,
  • Every participants' name.

Are you affiliated with a spiritual or religious organization?

We occasionally use venues run by spiritual or religious groups. We have no other association with them.

People of any or no spiritual or religious background are welcome at our weekend workshop.

How many people attend the weekend?

Typical workshops are 30 participants, supported by around 10 assistants, and led by two facilitators.

Nevertheless, numbers depend on the venue's capacity, and the popularity of the workshop.

Why so many assistants?

The assistants:

  • Share tasks to keep the weekend smoothly running;
  • Support participants;
  • Make up the numbers in the exercises.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, mainly. Ideally also:

  • Comfortable loose fitting clothes,
  • Toiletries,
  • A water bottle.
  • A towel: At some venues, we'll ask you to bring a towel.

If you have a floor chair or Backjack, do bring it. However, you could rent one from us at the venue.

What time does the weekend start?

The weekend starts on the Friday evening at 6:00pm and finishes on the Sunday at 6:00pm.

You're welcome to arrive up to an hour earlier for registration.

What type of accommodation is available?

Accommodation is in shared bedrooms (single beds) or dormitories.

Can I have my own room?

Possibly. It depends on the venue and attendance. We give priority to people with medical conditions.

We have earplugs, for those sensitive to snoring.

Do you support special dietary needs?

Yes. The venues usually provide vegetarian meals.

Please tell us your requirements when you register. We will liaise with the venue, and endeavour to meet them. Usually the venue can.

Must I participate in every activity?

Of course not. The weekend is about your choice. You decide whether or not to participate in each activity.

If you choose not to participate, we invite you to remain in the room, as that could be a useful experience.

What is the Saturday evening entertainment?

This is a fun end to the Saturday. We invite participants to entertain the group for up to 3 minutes by:

  • Singing a song,
  • Reading a poem,
  • Telling a joke etc.

There is no requirement to be "good". Often participants perform as a "stretch", in front of a supportive audience.

Must I entertain?

Of course not. The weekend is about your choice. You choose whether you entertain or not.

We hope you'll be part of an appreciative and supportive audience.

Is it true the weekend is clothing optional?

Yes, you have an opportunity to participate in an optional, safe, disrobing exercise.  Some participants regard the exercise as unveiling. You are not required to do anything.  At every moment, anyone can choose to:

  • Add extra clothes; or
  • Remove all clothes; or
  • Remain as clothed as you were; or
  • Wear some clothes.

The facilitators offer this exercise on the Saturday.  The rest of the weekend is clothing optional.  You decide what clothes feel right for you, from moment to moment.

Why clothing optional

The HAI Global website explains rather better. One reason is:

Being naked with others in a safe non-sexual environment provides a rare opportunity to quiet the negative voice about our bodies, and stand simultaneously in our vulnerability and in our power, reclaiming for ourselves our own unique beauty and clarity that we are loveable exactly as we are.

This nakedness, this baring of one’s insides, this deep looking into eyes, this seeing into hearts of history, this reality, this risk calls us into ourselves, perhaps like never before.

Are the weekends about sexual technique?

No. However,  often participants who enhance their ability to communicate,  enjoy greater sexual pleasure.

The weekend is about how to be intimate and loving. You can review your beliefs and thoughts about love, intimacy and sexuality. Then you'll see how those thoughts might hinder you from obtaining the relationships you want.

Will my boundaries be respected?

Your boundaries are fully respected and honored.

We help you fully embrace your “yes” and “no”.  Without shame, guilt, fear of rejection, you'll learn to:

  • Ask for what you want;
  • Say what you don't want.

Why is the weekend gender-balanced, and what does this mean?

HAI designed the weekend to provide opportunities to connect with many different participants. There are exercises with people of your gender, and people of different gender. For the gender exercises to work, we need roughly equal numbers of men and women in each workshop.

If you agree to be a person's "gender balance, it just means two people of different genders register together for the weekend. Both bypass the waiting list. People who gender balance one another do as little or as much of the weekend together as they choose.

How does the Wait List work?

We automatically place anyone signing up for the weekend without a gender balance on a waiting list, segregated by gender. The process works like so:

  1. If you're top of your gender list, and if a differently gendered person is on their waiting list:
    • You both immediately receive confirmation of your places.
  2. If other people of your gender are ahead of you, you are placed next on the list. As the differently gendered people register:
    • We generally send confirmations on a first come/first served basis.

We generally operate on a first come/first served basis. However, we may prioritise those:

  • Attending for the first time;
  • Travelling long distances, and so want early confirmation to book their travel.

If you register with a person of a different gender to gender balance you, you bypass the wait list and go directly into the weekend.

Can I leave if I decide the weekend is not for me?

Yes. You are not number 6, a prisoner. The venue is not a Californian Hotel.  You can check out anytime you want,  and, you can always leave.

Please inform us before you leave. If you're driving away, we ask for your safety that you don't leave in an agitated state. We'd like you to take time to calm down

Is it possible to get a lift to the venue?

When you register, you can declare if you would like a life, or can offer a lift.  We try to match people together. Our main venue encourages visitors to share transport.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. We request those receiving lifts offer to pay a share of the fuel costs.

Is financial support available if I cannot afford to participate?

Yes. The Human Awareness Institute (UK) Ltd offers bursaries to those in need of financial assistance. Please contact the UK Office for further information.

Where is the Workshop

Most likely UK workshops will be held in Mark Brown’s comfortable converted barn near Diss.  This has adult bunk beds, mainly single beds, but also 6 double beds.  There are showers etc. On the first storey is a large community room, with a lovely view of the Suffolk countryside.  However places are limited, so please commit early. Please tell us if climbing up to an upper bunk bed is tricky for you.

HAI Workshop continue in Germany

However, HAI UK is not currently planning UK workshops, there are HAI workshops in Germany. Two useful links are:

  1. Brief description of HAI Germany on HAI Global website;
  2. German HAI website, translated into English

These bilingual workshops are in English with translation into German.

The workshops are at Seminarhof,  Schöppingen which is between Munster and the Dutch border, 400 miles from London.  Compared to the cost of UK workshops, they are very good value.

Please email Mikki at or register via their website.

We don't take photographs at workshops. No-one takes photographs at our community events, either.  So, we don't have photographs of our weekend workshops to show you.

Here are some carefully staged photos, that the people, who have participated in our workshops, allowed us to share:

Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are;
Discover you are beautiful and lovable just as you are
Community Hug & respecting participants boundaries.
Hug: and respecting people's boundaries
Intimacy: connection
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HAI community events happen all round the UK, and welcome anyone who has been to our Connecting in Love workshop
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